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Executive SLEGO
1 Day Workshop

(2 Min video) 
Accelerated Growth: Growth usually requires stress and pain. For that reason, often, the majority of an organization doesn’t want to grow. You will experience how to get everyone excited, passionate and working toward a growth-based future.
Dreaming BIG: One of the curses of organizational improvement are goals that are too small. Low targets can be achieved through working harder. In fact, incremental/working harder goals often create negative results. Large goals and objectives are achievable but will require changing the design of the system. We will, together, learn how.
Organizational System Design: We will learn how significant business results can only be achieved by changes to the design of organizational systems and processes. Results such as, financial, quality, new product development, customer satisfaction, behaviors, leadership, and others.
Leadership and Learning: Teams participate in a leadership break-out session from leader development conducted around the world. We will also explore practical methods to establishing a learning organization.
"After this session with all of my key leaders, I finally understood the why of where we were and where we needed to go. It gave our team the missing pieces of our vision for innovation and significant growth." 
​          - Dr. Ron Nutt, CEO of CTIMI, (now Siemens Healthineers)
The Executive SLEGO workshop, through hands-on, advanced simulations and break-out group activities, covers many critical aspects of the obstacles, challenges and solutions to igniting Lean Thinking and Doing in any organization. 
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