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at Your SErvice

Jacob Brown - At Your Service

As a full-time, engineering college student and entrepreneur, I've had almost 50 happy customers the past two years. 

At some point, everyone needs a hand around the house or your business, but we also want someone we can trust and who will get the job done. Customer examples below and I'm happy to provide references.

Call/Txt: (865) 776-9526

AC Acid Wash Deep Cleaning
The purpose of your outdoor unit is to get rid of heat from inside your house. So, if it's dirty and clogged up... A deep cleaning and acid wash allows your AC to better cool in the summer and heat pumps to keep you warmer in the winter.
Winterize - Windows and Doors
Cracked seals around windows and doors can be a significant, hidden energy loss. Let me take a look.
Gutters and Drainage
Clogged gutters and poor drains can be a top source of short and long term damage to a home. Let's fix it.
Dirty Windows and Depression!
Dirty windows are ugly, depressing and often hard to reach. Give me a call to let the sun shine in.
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