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Rob Brown - President
With 30 years of experience, Rob is dedicated to seeing companies succeed. Since working with Toyota during college, he has inspired, led and implemented the impossible with teams in ten countries in over 80 companies ranging from 12 to 12,000 employees. He leverages his systems thinking, advanced simulations, lean, six sigma and TPS experience with hundreds of applied examples. An entrepreneur, facilitator, engineer, speaker and author, he and his wife, Francie, have four children, three grandchildren, are Purdue Boilermakers and live in Knoxville, TN. 

Our Values: 

We seek clarity and focus in every aspect of our work
We recognize that a successful team consists of unique individuals
We collaborate for success and only speak with respect and encouragement
We commit to creating a safe environment for everyone to thrive
Our focused desire is to inspire growth, individually and corporately
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