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"When Rob told me what he could do with our team, I thought, either this guy is crazy or he is going to do what he says he will. The results were obvious. I spent twenty years of my career leading our company and had never seen it come to life like when we worked with Rob. I referred to his art as, 'the sophistication of simplicity.' We had a dream of being able to run the billion dollar company on a single spreadsheet. We almost did it." RESULTS

-Dr. Ron Nutt, CEO (CTIMI is now Siemens Healthineers)
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“After one day of SLEGO, many of us had trouble sleeping from thinking about the possibilities of our future. It began a much bigger vision for the new Bailey as we kicked off our transformation roadmap. This experience dramatically changes the future perspective of any leader.” RESULTS

- Kevin Bailey, President
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"Just one of our engines has an average of 22,000 ‘used’ components. From the beginning, we needed a custom solution related to repair and overhaul. I remember the day when Rob and I stayed into the night. We re-designed the first half of the simulations to work backwards. We started off with fully built, used units. We called them ‘Dirty Kanban’s’. It was brilliant.” RESULTS

- Alan Moodie, General Manager - Engine Repair & Overhaul
Brock Dilbone Honda
“Frankly, I knew it was going to be a fun experience, but then I was assigned to work in the SLEGO finance department. Our team worked the production schedule and I ran the cloud-based ERP system, SnORACLE. There were times I thought I was back working at Honda. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

- Brock Dilbone, Honda Purchasing, Anna Engine Plant
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“For us, SLEGO was a perfect solution for our leadership team to prepare everyone in the company for major change. A top priority was to identify who would be our key leaders through our global expansion period and eventual equity buyout.”

- Tom Gillcrist, CFO
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“At the end of that first SLEGO session, I told Rob, ‘We’re not like SLEGO. You need to understand, we make complex, multi-million-dollar nuclear medical devices. Six months later, after applying what we learned in the Boot Camp, I called him one day and said, ‘Well, Rob. It’s hard to believe we could simplify such complexity like this. We were just like SLEGO.’”

- Mark Lefler, Customer Service Manager
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"Preparing 61 medical sites for Electronic Medical Record (EMR) implementation required a level of teamwork we had never experienced before. The Transformation Accelerator was a perfect fit to bring together all the admin staff and physician sponsors that were key to our success. 'Yo, we need a SLEGO over here!' It's been over a year and people still talk about SLEGO.”

- Jennie Hitchcock, COO
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"A knowledge and relationship broker is what we needed. Someone who was competent in bridging gaps in operations, design and also major politics. SLEGO was the perfect bridge to bring together a team of our biggest customers and suppliers to solve big problems. SLEGO took care of us."

- Ron Shriver, VP Operations
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