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Transformation Accelerator

Equip Leaders - (2 Min video)
2 Weeks Later - Learn DO - (2 Min video)
The Transformation Accelerator is an advanced workshop for leaders to be equipped to lead significant organizational change. Teams are sequestered and have three days to baseline, design and implement their new product delivery system before having to present and run their new design in a final competition.

In 3.5 days, each team will:

Baseline: Before you can begin to design a new company, a thorough assessment and understanding of the way things are today must be established. Processes, products, customers, suppliers, resources, quality, capacity. Teams learn and do process mapping, task observations, spaghetti diagrams, demand, mix and supply data analysis and financials, etc.
Design: The teams are now sequestered and each is challenged with designing a company that has a minimum 4X the productivity with no additional resources in addition to the launch of a new, never seen before product line. The teams have a mission to keep every activity and process as simple as possible while expanding for growth. Teams learn improvement tools and methods such as flow line design, demand management, internal and external kanban replenishment systems, metrics and measures, the power of a healthy team etc.
Implementation/Competition: This is where the rubber meets the road when it comes to teamwork. The key to success here is iterative testing and improvement of their new design. In the final competition, each team reveals and presents their new SLEGO, company design and then fires it up for competition. Each team is provided a comprehensive rubric to following during the experience for competitive scoring.
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