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SLEGO - Boot Camp
Accelerate Transformation

Equip Leaders - (2 Min video)
The 4-Day SLEGO Boot Camp is an intense, competitive workshop for leaders to be equipped for significant organizational change.
Teams are provided a Strategic Business Plan and then sequestered for three days of structured building blocks of Lean transformation. Teams are provided a comprehensive rubric with through the final day when running their newly designed company in an exciting competition. 
This workshop is for:
  • Companies ready to equip leaders for breakthrough improvement 
  • Leaders who want to grow their skills at cross-functional teamwork 
  • Improvement leaders that want to move to the next level 
  • Organizations that recognize they need systemic change but aren’t sure how 
What you will experience:
  • Baseline - In-depth analysis of demand, process and systems 
  • Design - Application of breakthrough design principles and methods 
  • Implementation - Physical and systems implementation and iterative testing 
  • Competition – Go Live! - Rubric scoring on baseline, design, teamwork and results 
"With a jolting global supply chain crisis, we made the decision to move our US lean transformation into high gear. The Boot Camp equipped our leaders to boost, US operations, productivity by 4X in four months."
- Kevin Bailey, President
Kevin Bailey
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