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2 Day Lean Business Strategy

(5 Min video)
The SLEGO Lean Business Strategy Workshop is a made-to-order, on-site event. Good companies have good leadership, but that doesn’t mean they’re always on the same page. This powerful, 2-day experience, brings a team together to achieve wild success.

Day One: educate executive and future leaders on lean business transformation and growth through powerful simulations and team break-outs on leadership.

Day Two: we move forward to Building the Business Case for Lean Transformation that sets the course for the future of the business.
The case is built by break-out groups completing a series of activities called, Mile Markers:

  • Determine Initial Scope/Focus

  • Establish Focused Team Structures

  • Identify Market Channels, Share & Key Drivers

  • Perform Competitor Benchmark Comparison

  • Explore Future Competitive Advantages - Product, Service, Operational

  • Define Short-Term Product & Market Complexity Reduction

  • Supplier Differentiation, Collaboration & Integration

  • Establish the High 5 Metrics & Measures

  • Construct Int/Ext Communications Strategy

  • Review Roadmap for Implementation

"After this session with all of my key leaders, I finally understood the why of where we were and where we needed to go. It gave our team the missing pieces of our vision for innovation and significant growth." 
- Dr. Ron Nutt, 
CEO of CTI/Siemens Molecular Imaging
Ron Nutt
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