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(2 Min video) 
The SLEGO for Leaders workshop, through hands-on, advanced simulations and break-out group activities, covers many critical aspects of the obstacles, challenges and solutions to igniting Lean Thinking and Doing in any organization. 
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Simplification of organizational and product complexity is the heart of business survival. Through a combination of advanced simulations and team break-out activities, this day is a powerful learning experience toward breakthrough improvement and growth. We also explore the profound leadership, culture and financial implications of eliminating complexity. Experiencing SLEGO is foundational in major breakthrough.
  • Organizations facing complex process, product, growth and market challenges
  • Leaders often stressed from constant change and fire-fighting 
  • Companies that desire building up teams with high-level, systems thinking skills
  • Leaders looking to get teams united in a direction of major breakthrough
  • Learning Toyota’s secrets to being the most profitable product company in the world
  • Hands-on learning experience in; Organizational System Design, Accelerated Growth, Dreaming BIG, Cybernetics & Action Science, Disciplines of Leadership
"After one day of SLEGO, many of us had trouble sleeping from thinking about the possibilities of our future. This experience will dramatically change the future perspective of any leader."

- Kevin Bailey, CEO
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“Never before, have our real problems and solutions become so clear.”
– Ken B.  –  COO
“I learned more in the first two hours, then my bachelor's degree.”
– Ben –  Supply Chain CFO
“The most powerful experience in 20 years of corporate lean programs.”
– Tom  –  CTO
“When I saw the afternoon results, I about fell out of my seat.”
– Adam  –  Senior Sourcing Leader
“The most impactful day in the seven years I’ve been at my company.”
– Susan  – Systems Analyst
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