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Hands-On Experience for Leaders

Accelerate LEan Thinking and doing

Attended events, conferences or read books on Lean, and been left with more questions than answers?

SLEGO is the experience for your future success.


Find clarity 


Equip Leaders

DEliver Impact

SLEGO - Boot Camp 
Accelerate Lean Doing

This four-day, competitive boot camp is the most powerful Lean team building and equipping workshop of its kind. A fun, but intense challenge of Lean Enterprise transformation of a company, before you begin your own... more

Baseline Accelerator - LEARN then DO!!! 

After the power of the SLEGO Boot Camp, teams are equipped to begin Lean Transformation in their own company.

One Day SLEGO - for Leaders

Leaders are often bogged down in long, drawn-out lean initiatives. SLEGO is a hands-on experience that ignites imagination, brings clarity, fuels teamwork and... more

2 Day - Lean Business STrategy

This workshop is a made-to-order, custom event. Good companies have good leadership, but that doesn’t mean they’re always on the same page. This powerful...more

Customer Focus

We help companies design their business to exceed customer expectations and prosper in their industries. This video shares a few highlights of our customers success.


Ron Nutt
“When these guys told me what they could do with our team, I thought, they're either crazy or they're going to do what they say they will... more

-Ron Nutt,
CEO, CTIMI, (Now Siemens)
Kevin Bailey
“After one day of SLEGO, many of us had trouble sleeping from thinking about the possibilities of our future...more

-Kevin Bailey,
President of Bailey International

What to Expect

Find Clarity

Discover solutions to systemic, organizational problems

Inspire Creativity

A powerful, hands-on experience that brings inspiration for something far greater

Strategic Formation

Provide a vision, language and foundation for strategy success
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